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The Galileo Programme helps you overcome issues that appear as you run your business

What issues keep you awake at night and do you wish you could talk them through with someone who is objective?

Perhaps you need more robust operating systems, better financial controls, more staff or space. All these things can be daunting as they tend to involve more investment and therefore risk. Having us there to support you through these changes by providing robust financial information to support the decision making will ease the burden.

Or is it that you have the day to day operations running smoothly but you know you need some help with a certain aspect that isn’t quite right? You simply might need someone to do your bookkeeping for you as doing it yourself has started to take up too much time.

Whatever the challenge is, we can help you work through the most critical next steps for you and your business.

As standard, we will have a mission review via video call to understand the things that concern you. We will look at the financial health of the business and how you are currently operating day to day. You will then receive your Galileo report.

This will be a fixed fee package tailored to you and your business.

Contact us if you have already started your mission and we will prepare a bespoke solution to support a successful lift off.

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